Chinet v1.5.3

Secure and User-friendly
Crypto Project

Chinet is a technology that seeks to combine the latest advances in digital finance, decentralized applications and artificial intelligence.

The security of your transactions is ensured by the time-tested CryptoNote protocol. The hybrid POW and POS consensus algorithm makes it possible for anyone to mine and use Chinet.

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    To start using Chinet, first of all, you will need a wallet. Visit our downloads page and choose the wallet that suits you.
    There are Chinet wallets for different platforms that provide everything you need so that you can start using Chinet right now.

  • Get some coins

    After the wallet is installed, you will need to put some coins into it.
    You can use mining to get Chinet coins or buy CHN on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Chinet principles


Users must be able to trust Chinet for the security of their transactions, without the risk of errors or attacks on the network. All transactions are cryptographically secured using the latest and most efficient encryption tools.


Chinet takes the privacy of its users seriously. The highest level of privacy must be available to all users without exception, whether they are technologically competent or have no idea how cryptography works. A Chinet user should not feel pressure on their habitual rhythm of life and their expenses due to the risk that other users may find out about them.


Chinet aims to provide the maximum degree of decentralization in both network security and code development. The hybrid POW and POS consensus algorithm prevents specialized mining hardware (ASIC) from dominating the network and allows for a fair distribution of rewards for finding new blocks. In addition, development and research are carried out within the framework of global cooperation and are carried out with maximum transparency. Each development decision is open to public discussion and voting.

Chinet development and research

Subnet, smart contracts and decentralized applications

Chinet is launching a subnet and its own Gas Token CHNT on the Avalanche platform, this will enable the project to scale. Chinet users will be able to implement fast smart contracts for decentralized applications with configurable fees and other benefits of the Avalanche network. To pay for Gas, users do not need to purchase an additional asset, all transactions will be made with the CHNT token. To convert CHN for the CHNT token, an autonomous decentralized exchange office will be launched.

AI language model

The Chinet team is developing and training an AI language model that will become an indispensable assistant when writing smart contract code in Golang. Even users with no programming experience will be able to create decentralized applications using Chinet AI.

Integration into e-commerce

The Chinet is focused on making it easy for merchants to integrate the cryptocurrency into their existing e-commerce platforms and payment services.

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  • Supply

Name Chinet
Symbol CHN

Launched 01-02-2023 00:00:00 GMT
Version v1.5.3
Language C++
Hash algorithm ProgPowZ
Consensus POS + POW
Block time 1 minute
Block reward 10 CHN
Initial total supply 0 CHN
Maximum Supply 55000000 CHN*

Repository chinet-project/chinet-core

Hardware 2 core x64 CPU, 3 GB RAM
Platforms Win64, Linux or Mac

Chinet Community

It's a decentralized community and exists only thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that dedicate their time to the project. The members of the Chinet community are all over the world. You can find us on multiple platforms. Join us!

Open-source P2P project

Anyone can access our GitHub and contribute
to the development of the project.

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Chinet testnet

Testing and launching the Chinet testnet.

Dec 2022

Chinet mainnet

Launching the Chinet mainnet without premine.

Feb 2023

Listing on the Xeggex

Launch of trading in CHN/USDT and CHN/BTC pairs on the Xeggex exchange.

Feb 2023

Research on additional privacy methods

We are always on the lookout for new and improved privacy practices.

All the time

Update wallet

Fixing issues and release Chinet v1.5.3

Mar 2023

Listing on the Dex-Trade

Launch of trading in CHN/USDT and CHN/BTC pairs on the Dex-Trade exchange.

Mar 2023


First, a light version will be released and work will continue on the main version of Whitepaper.

Mar 2023

Project redesign

A new logo is being developed and the overall design of the project is being updated.

Mar-Apr 2023

Listing on the Txbit

Launch of trading in CHN/USDT and CHN/BTC pairs on the Txbit exchange.

Apr 2023

Mobile wallet

Native iOS & Android wallet apps.

Q2 2023

Ecommerce API

Prebuilt plugins for ecommerce engines, Purchase button APIs, and documentation making Chinet easy to deploy and use across mainstream ecommerce platforms.

Q2 2023

TOR implementation

Built-in TOR network support implamentations for Chinet wallet.

Q2 2023

Chinet knowledge base

Launch of an interactive tutorial on Chinet technologies.

Q3 2023

Chinet subnet

Launch of the Chinet subnet and CHNT token on the Avalanche blockchain.

Q3 2023

New generation DEX

Decentralized exchange with automatic staking for CHN coins.

Q3 2023

Governance platform

Platform for proposals and voting for new developments.

Q4 2023

Neural network research

Summing up the interim results of research, developing a plan to launch a neural network.

Q4 2023

Roadmap 2024

Roadmap release for 2024.

Dec 2023

Neural network testnet

Test launch of a neural network.

Q1 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is alias and how does it work?

    Each Chinet user can register with an alias, for example: @mywallet, a human-readable name associated with a payment address. Chinet users can easily send transactions to an alias: their wallets automatically check whether the name is registered in the blockchain.

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    What is mixin and what it's used for?

    The mixin count refers to the number of signatures (apart from yours) in the ring signature that authorizes the transaction. Higher mixin value will typically provide more privacy because it will provide greater plausible deniability. It is impossible for any observer to know which is the real source of the funds.

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    What is a seed phrase?

    To access the wallet in the event of a loss, you need something called a mnemonic recovery phrase or seed. This group of words that you received while creating your wallet are designed to add an extra layer of security. With these phrases you can easily restore lost wallets if you don’t have the passkey.

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    How can I get Chinet coins?

    You can mine coins and use staking to increase your balance or trade coins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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    When send coins I get an error "transaction is too large".

    This is due to sending many small inputs to the address. The solution is to split up the transaction and send smaller amounts.

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    Why application starting time takes so long?

    As Chinet wallet is a full node application, due to loading a blockchain and multiple wallets synchronizing, start time depends on your system specification and may be bottlenecked by internet connection speed.